Beautiful love letters…

Beautiful love letters…

Sep 25


Dear Pinki,
I love u. My dream i see u. Evrywhere u. U no, i live no. I come red shirt tomorow.
U love i, u come red frock. I wait down mango tree. U no come, I jump tree. Sure come.
…Yours lovely,

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Girl’s Reply

Your letter mummy see. Papa beat me. Mummy angry, lock me room.
I no come. Please no jump. I love u.
Yours lovely,

Everyone are great…

Everyone are great…

Sep 15

“Honestly I believe there is something great about everyone. Something amazing about their personality and something physically beautiful in everyone. No ones perfect. There is a person for everyone and someone will find everything about you amazing. Your beauty and personality and flaws are all something to be loved. Maybe its harder for you to find that person, maybe God just made it more difficult but he has a reason for Everything.”

Different paths… Seperate mountains

Different paths… Seperate mountains

Sep 14

We each walk different paths, we all have seperate mountains to climb. That’s not the difference though, the difference is what we do when we reach the top. Some do it with grace and kindly reach down and help another up. Some become privilaged and think they are better than those at the bottom, some never reach the top at all but are always in an infinate struggle. I hope that if i ever reach the top of my mountain, that i have the grace and kindness in my heart to help someone climb there own. In doing so i hope to make their climb a little easier, and keep them from sliding back down.

How to save the heart?

How to save the heart?

Sep 03

You Should:

-never expect,
-never demand,
-never assume.

You Should Know:

-your limits,
-where you stand,
-your role.


-get affected,
-get jealous,
-get paranoid.


-go with the flow &